Monday, August 29, 2005

Our first weekend back to school proved to be very entertaining and more exciting than anyone in 216(left side) had expected. After setting up our room and decorating we soon learned what this semester would entail from the roommates. As the 10pm hour approached they were promptly in their beds. As for us, we were pulling out the Capt. Morgan from our arsenal of booze. We rolled around in the grass and socialized with some old faces. All in all it was a fascinating night and on top of it all we were proposed to, how exciting.
On Saturday morning we awoke to the sounds of an angry base system from the boys next door. We eventually made it out of bed to eat an amazing breakfast, the best after a night of drinking, at Fays'.
Saturday night was the highlight of the weekend we ventured to a new place with the same familiar faces an upgraded, one might say, Del Sig. The trip was trecherous in that it was pooring and by the time we arrived we were thoroughly soaked. But the journey was well worth it and good fun prevailed. It was a small gathering, in frat party standards, in a spacious basement but the keg was full and we chugged a few(a few more than a few) in the spirit of friends abroad. It was the same but oh so different. After spending a good amount of time there we decided it was time to peace out.
Back on the luxurious porch of morgan we met up with some old friends including mr peepers. The night passed in the quickest of fashions and soon after arriving at some friends' apartment Lisa decided it was time for bed where as Chrissy was wide awake and not quite ready to call it a night. Lisa headed back to the apartment around 4:30 where she proceeded to eat cold chinese food because apparently the microwave had somehow become unplugged. However, it took her a few minutes and a small conversation with the microwave to ascertain what exactly was the problem. Meanwhile Chrissy had fallen asleep on a futon and awoke promptly at 7:30 and headed back to the room where she planned to be especially quiet and considerate of her sleeping quadmates. Unfortunatly, upon entering the room with the greatest finesse she stubbed her toe on the fridge, which happens to be on wheels. The microwave happens to be on top of the fridge. And Lisa happens to have left a glass on the corner of the microwave. Needless to say the glass crashes to the floor and shatters in the most un-quiet of fashions.
Thats all for now more infandous events to come...


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