Monday, September 26, 2005

Hello all. Apologies are in order. We have failed to update our blog for a considerable amount of time (nearly one month) and it is a shame. Much has happened here in 216. So we will try to give you an accurate recap of the things that are most memorable. We have been frequenting our favorite locations every weekend and enjoying a few rooftop apartments. Taking risks left and right but all in the name of a good time.
We recently bought a fish, appropriately named Fishie. He lived in a glass bowl in our room. Alas, he left us for greater things within a week's time. Lisa still contends that is was the work of some sort of assassin or "hit." Perhaps an inside job by the roomies? We'll never know, but at least he has moved on to a different life. Hopefully a better one.
We have taken up our previous positions as DJs at WDCVfm (the voice of dickinson college). The Infandous Hours plays this year from 4-6 on Sundays. ( Its the same show just a different day and a bit later, so we are sure to wake up for it. Thus far this year, we haven't had any creepy callers, but then again we've only just completed our third show. So keep your fingers crossed.
Around campus, summer has quickly changed to Fall and with it the bustle of sorority girls going to and from their various events. It makes us cling ever so tightly to our glorious independence and pity the girls and the drama that will soon define their lives, how sad. In happy news, our neighbors across the hall have proved to be quite the interesting lot. On various occasions, thus far, their friendship has procured some added 'benefits.' They appear to be very generous with their 'dealings.' (If we could place anymore innuendo in our sentences we would).
regardless of hallucinogen, we continue to enrich our lives with weekends jaunts about town, on our most recent outing, on Saturday night, a night of bad 90s trends and clothes turned into us being trapped in the stairs of a basement, hushed and in the dark, while waiting for the cops to leave a party. Although, we still contend that there was no real risk of trouble, it was still an intense moment somewhat escalated by beer and 90s' style clothing. We made it out alive without a blemish to our pristine records, but the thrill of the 90s faded away. Sadly, we will probably never be able to look at pogs the same way again.
This week promises to be one of ups and downs. Lisa has a hearing scheduled for the infamous incident at the end of last year. Although, we expect nothing more or less than a slap on the wrist, it should be an interesting moment. As the week rounds out it is sure to bring debauchery on G-d's day, Lisa's 21st.


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